The Mission

Creating imagery and telling stories centering the BIPOC diaspora along with more inclusive expressions of the LGBTQ+ experience.

Z Maker Studios was born from a desire to inspire the next generation to be the heroes of their own stories, occupying genres such as fantasy, science-fantasy and the supernatural.

Ramonah Rising and Colors of MYTH are among the kinds of creative expression we’re committed to sharing with the world.


Z Maker Studios produces, publishes and distributes creative content such as:

• Graphic Novels (Digital and Print)
• Conceptual Art (with a strong emphasis on Character Design)
• Original Web Content
• Creative Consulting
• Artistic Branding
• Art Licensing

The Man

Sean Z. Maker has been creating art since he was old enough to hold a pencil in his hands. Effortlessly drawn towards anime, cartoons, sci-fi/fantasy films and comics, Sean’s art was born and inspired from these imaginings.
His creative journey through education led him to attend various performing arts schools and ultimately, the Art Institute of Chicago where he honed his skills in illustration, animation and graphic design.

Having worked with various companies from advertising to gaming and entertainment, Sean has created art in a multitude of collaborative and freelance capacities now for well over 15+ years.

Upon creating Z Maker Studios, Sean has decided to commit his creative endeavors to making original creative content; publishing and growing his own IPs for global consumption.
As he continues to strive forward with the conviction and purpose to fill the world with imagery and stories that he feels are either scarce or missing, Sean remains steadfast and focused on fulfilling his creative dreams.