Ramonah Rising

RAMONAH RISING takes you on a journey through the world of Khyr’Es.
A world rich in mysteries, sovereignties, and magic. Following the life and times of a particular Empress –an Over-Crown of Light– who strives to both challenge and dismantle the falsehoods that seem to govern her world.

Ramonah will be the spark for change and ultimately, part of her world’s need to help save it from itself. 

RAMONAH RISING is a high-fantasy, all-ages series for everyone.

Stay tuned for more updates as this project will be a crowd-funded effort.


Colors Of MYTH

Colors Of MYTH is a continuation of a dark fantasy-filled story with supernatural overtures and mature themes.
It is a series about the prophesy and awakening of Makers found on Earth brought back to the world of their origin and birth—Zhythera.
Learn more about this world and its myriad of characters and creatures as the story continues to unfold into new heights of adventure, horrors and magic!

This will be a Patreon exclusive series (for the time being), and a great starting point for new and old fans alike.

Colors of MYTH is a series for mature audiences.